Areas of Specialization

Our firm deals with all areas of Israeli civil law, with the emphasis on commercial and real estate law, including:


A. Drawing up contracts – The lawyers in our firm have many years of experience in drawing up agreements in a wide range of fields.

Drawing up the best possible contract is a vital element for businesses and individuals, since such contracts are intended to regulate arrangements between two or more sides and, as far as possible, ensure that there are no disputes in the future.

Preparing a good and comprehensive contract involves giving thought to finding solutions and appropriate tools for changing situations, which requires a broad view, experience, and preliminary planning, along with extensive commercial knowledge and an understanding of the needs of all the parties involved.

The experience of the lawyers in our firm, as well as our high professional standards, our direct relations with our clients, and our personal sensitivity to their needs – these are what gives the special added value needed to draw up an excellent contract.




B. Representation in legal proceedings - The lawyers in our firm have appeared successfully in many cases, and in all legal instances in Israel.

The cases we have handled cover a wide range of areas of civil law, including financial claims, dispossession and land eviction claims, class action suits, claims for compensation, legal proceedings, administrative appeals and High Court petitions, claims for declarative relief and mandatory injunctions, foreclosures, and more.

Good representation in court requires a careful study of all merits of the case, and the ability to pay attention to the finest details.
At the end of the day, the way in which a legal case is handled and managed can have a decisive effect on the outcome, and so the experience and the dedication of the representing attorney are of cardinal importance, along with the strategy that is adopted, which is the result of professional experience and skill.

The lawyers in our firm relate to each case seriously, thoroughly and in depth, and this, along with their considerable experience, helps them to successfully manage the legal proceedings.



C.Real estate transactions and construction deals -

The attorneys in our firm have dealt with hundreds of real estate contracts, from contracts for the second-hand sale / purchase of apartments and/or commercial spaces, to representing people purchasing first-hand from the contractor, dealing with and selling properties in receivership, including acting as receivers, representing public companies in real estate transactions, dealing with combination deals, accompanying real estate ventures from their inception to their completion, including registering communal buildings, cooperation agreements etc., accompanying real estate projects on Israel Land Administration lands that are located within the boundaries of cooperative associations, rental contracts, cooperation agreements, and representation in transactions relating to ‘TAMA 38′, ‘vacate and renovate’.

Our firm offers experience, ability and broad knowledge in the above fields, and we are also in a position to offer advice regarding the development and business aspects, including preparing business plans and presentations for investors.

We accompany our clients through all stages of the transaction, from negotiations and carrying out all the inspections required prior to purchasing the property, to drawing up the agreements and registering and transferring the rights under the buyer’s name, including representing the buyer in all the relevant authorities.


D. Planning and construction -

Representation in bureaucratic procedures in the various authorities, including local and regional planning and construction committees and appeals committees. Our firm also helps examine planning instructions and gives its opinion on the subject.

We also support processes for making changes to urban building plans, changes in zoning, easements, building permits, building deviations, etc.

In addition, our firm represents clients in compensation claims under Article 197 of the Israeli Planning and Construction Law, and claims for compensation involving land expropriation.


E. Taxation -

As part of the expertise that our office has acquired, we provide tax planning advice in connection with land and real estate transactions, an issue that is particularly important in putting the deal together in the best possible way.

Our firm provides ongoing support with regard to real estate transactions, including making and submitting reports on transactions and accompanying these transactions through the different tax assessment processes, and including objection and appeal proceedings, in so far as these are required with regard to the transaction.


F. Corporations -

Registering and setting up companies, partnerships, associations and companies for the benefit of the public, formulating founding and partnership agreements, providing ongoing legal advice and consultation for any type of corporation, including accompanying public companies and making reports, and voluntary dissolution.


G. Inheritance -

Dealing with obtaining succession / probate orders, drawing up and depositing wills, dealing with estates, prenuptial agreements.



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